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Overflight and landing authorization

Overflight and landing authorizations for charter, regular flights, low cost, cargo, ambulance flights anywhere in Morocco (see list of airports).

Getting an overflight and landing authorization can be a tedious task for any airline. But thanks to our experience in the field of flight assistance and flight supervision, it is easy for us to get that permission even on Saturdays and Sundays. With Moroccan Aviation Services your plane can fly over or land without any difficulty in Morocco.

What information is required to obtain the overflight or landing authorization in Morocco?

The required information may change at any time. That is why to be up-to-date, we advise you to contact Moroccan Aviation Services directly. We can help you by providing the accurate paperwork in no time.

Overflight authorization 1
Overflight authorisation 2

Who are the partners of Moroccan Aviation Services to obtain the authorization of overflight or landing in Morocco?

Moroccan Aviation Services works in close collaboration with the Directorate of Civil Aviation. They are the ones who grant us the overflight and landing permission for airlines, cargo and private planes.

We are in partnership with the heads of the Kingdom's airport administrations to facilitate your flight or landing in Morocco.

Assistance to airport administrations for commercial airlines, Private / VIP.

Parking permit

If your freighter or your aircraft needs to stay in the hangar for a few days, Moroccan Aviation Services can take care of the necessary authorizations.

Slot and traffic rights

Contact us to know more about the permission of slots and traffic rights on the Moroccan Kingdom.
Email : [email protected]

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