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Our missions

Our vision

Train our employees and reward their efforts

Aware of the value of our employees, we are constantly training them to be the best in the aviation industry. And also, to show our appreciation for their efforts, we do not hesitate to reward them.

Provide first class services to our clients

Since our vision is to satisfy our customers, we wish to offer them a high quality flight assistance and flight supervision. Our services are flexible and adapted to meet the needs of all of our customers, even the most demanding.

Our vision
Our vision

Maintain the highest standards of safety and use the best practices in the industry

Without security standards, we will endanger our team and the trust the clients has placed in us. That is why we are always on the lookout for some of the best aviation security solutions. In this same sector, we want to adapt the best practices.

Establish profitable and long-term partnerships with all customers and partners

Our customers are faithful to us because of our professionalism and the quality of the services we offer. In other words, we build a relationship of trust with them by all means.
And with our partners, and especially the authorities, we want to show our seriousness in the field of flight assistance and flight supervision.

Our vision
Our vision

Participate in the conservation of the environment

At Moroccan Aviation Services, we are eager to contribute to the ecology. Indeed, we want to be an active agent in the protection of the environment and a dynamic participant in the social work.
It is true that we are doing our best in assistantship and the supervision of the flights but we will also invest in other social areas.