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Moroccan Aviation Services can take care of the catering within the plane.


Our experience in catering

The food we offer is concocted to meet the standards and requirements of our customers.
We serve catering for all your food needs in the plane from the ground up and during the flight.
Our team is fully dedicated to providing the best catering from the cockpit to the tail end of the aircraft.

Catering choices:

    We can provide a personalized catering.
  • Vegeterian catering
  • Hallal catering
  • Italian catering
  • Others

The content of the catering :

Depending on the needs, we can provide you with appetizers, hot or cold meals, hot or cold drinks in a normal dish or in a specialized box. We can also take care of the recovery of the remains, the cleaning of the dishes (if necessary). In addition to this, we have a well-organized planning and supply management for catering.

Economic catering or premium catering:

We can offer catering adapted to the request. For long-haul flights, there are premium catering that offer consistent meals. While for short-haul flights, small refreshments are needed. Moroccan Aviation Services can adapt the catering according to your budget and your requirements.

Moroccan Aviation Services invites you to click on the button on the right to make your quotation request. Thereafter, a sales consultant will come back to you to give you an answer.