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Handling Services or Ground Handling Services

Our staff takes care of the aircraft crew and the needs of the passengers. Thanks to Moroccan Aviation Services, you receive personalized services of high quality.

What is the ground handling?

What are the qualities of an excellent ground handling service?

The qualities of a good handling service are efficiency, speed and precision. Firstly, the handling service must be efficient, that is to say that each task is carried out without fail. And to achieve this goal, all actors must master their positions.

Then, the handling service must be fast because the plane must not stay long on the ground. If the plane spends too much time on the ground, it would be a loss for the airline company .
Finally, the handling service must be precise because an error would cause not only a delay in the tasks but also constitutes a risk for all.

Moroccan Aviation Services makes every effort to provide a ground handling service to the international standards.

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